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Solarbright Maxbreeze - Solar Powered Roof Ventilation

The latest in home ventilation technology, MaxBreeze uses free energy from the sun, quietly drawing hot air from the roof cavity and helping keep your home cool in the warmer months.

How Does It Work?

The solar powered MaxBreeze solar roof ventilation fan is the smart, 21st century version of the old Whirly-Bird. The thermostat automatically controls the fan, turning it on as the roof cavity heats up.

*Works all day and even at night - Night operation requires battery, included in the Zephyr pack*

Unlike older style roof fans which only works when the wind blows, MaxBreeze works all day long, even on still and cloudy days.

*15 Year Limited Warranty*

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Roof Ventilation

Below are further options when it comes to Roof Ventilation

Whirly Birds

Whirly Bird Roof Vents are another way to cool the roof space in your home and office.

- Reduce heat and moisture
- Improve ventilation and airflow
- Are cost effective and save on energy costs
- Reduce damp air in winter
- Helps make your insulation more effective
- Can be colour matched to your roof