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Maxbreeze Standard kit

The Solar Roof Ventilation Fan Without Equal

Solar Powered Roof Fans are a simple and environmentally sensible solution that can protect your home, your roof, and even save you money by helping cool your home in summer.

MaxBreeze solar roof fans demonstrate the highest standards for quality and functionality including the ability to choose a model with an in-built Lithium battery charged by the sun, so that the unit can operate at night when required.

The MaxBreeze solar roof fan is thermostatically controlled, and the fan will turn on automatically as the roof cavity heats up. The solar panel on the fan produces free electricity from the sun to drive a brushless DC motor and fan to extract hot air and moisture from your roof space.

The function of a solar roof fan is to improve air circulation in the roof cavity, reducing heat and moisture build up creating a more energy efficient and healthier home. Solar roof fans can therefore significantly extend the life of your roof. During summer months solar roof ventilation keeps your roof space cooler, resulting in a cooler home and reducing he load on air-conditioners.

MaxBreeze 20W

  • Works during daytime
  • Solar powered
  • Thermostat included
  • Residential installations
  • 1 unit sufficient for 100m2
  • Straight forward DIY install